A downloadable game for Windows

Air all around you.

Life is all beneath you.

You stand tall above it all.


Hello! First of all - thank you so much for checking the page out, and second of all - have you ever wanted to be a gigantic building-climbing-and-tumbling littelmen™-eating tic tac?

Why, of course you have.

Now your wishes shall be realised! Tic-Tac-A-Tron is a chill city-destruction simulator where you eat tiny littelmen™ to grow in size and destruct the city in an even more spectacular fashion! 

Core features:

  • climb and tumble buildings

  • eat littelmen™

  • be a tic tac

Not so core features:

  • isometric camera view

  • 6 unlockable skins scattered around the map, collect them all!

  • small city with tumble-able and some - destructible buildings

  • tiny little parks! (not to be confused with littelmen™)

  • brick wall ramp! hoop jump ramps!

  • mutaf mode! destroy the coronavirus menace!

So, whatcha waiting for? Give Tic-Tac-A-Tron a try - today!

(The project is still subject to massive updates and feature additions, so stay tuned!)


Anyway, thank you so much for checking the page out! Since it's quarantine time I really tried to get this finished and have been working really hard and almost nonstop for these past two weeks on it. A single free download would really be greatly appreciated! Enough of that, thanks again and stay safe! <3


Music - Chris Zabriskie (https://chriszabriskie.comhttps://freemusicarchive.org/music/Chris_Zabriskie)

Sound Effects - freesound.org (by users https://freesound.org/people/yummy9987/ and https://freesound.org/people/arithni/)


Tic-Tac-A-Tron - Release v1 55 MB


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The game is still somewhat of a prototype so any feedback is welcome! Any bugs, visual issues, even feature ideas - shove em all here in the comments!